For the love of God is there nothing they won't stick there nose into?

I don't smoke, I don't drink much and I don't use drugs; heck, I try to avoid curse words unless it's really really funny, but when I read things like this on something I do do, gaming, I get a bit more vitriolic than normal.

Do you trust a Labour MP to have a reasoned discussion on gaming? Do we honestly think this'll be where it ends if their public consultation reveals people are fine with it? Hah!

If you can be there go, they've intentionally not held it within runnin distance of me otherwise i'd be all over it.

How long before the bansturbation calls and mass disc burning do we reckon?


Cold Steel Rain said...

We have become the Spaceship and Labour are the relentless Space Invaders bombing away our every freedom... ...Insert Coin.

Quiet_Man said...

Been a while since I saw reasoned discussion, trust and Labour MP mentioned in the same sentence. ;-)

a gamer that likes violent video games said...

I think the government should get their nose out of my business too, why else would i be reading this blog? but I also think gaming is driving me, us, to some very strange places. When someone cut me up on the motorway a few years ago i would shout "wanker!", nowerdays i calmly amuse myself with fantacies of extreme violence toward them. I'm pretty sure video games did this to me. I also used to get nausious at the site of blood, or the depiction of extreme violence, but now de-sensitized is a massive understatement. i won't go into details but lets just say my brain is extreme. how will the kids of today turn out? crazier than me i'm betting. it won't just be fantasy for some of them, people will get hurt. video games are getting more realistic and more violent all the time, and i'm loving it, but i will admit it is bad for humanity. It doesn't scratch an itch, it gets you brain growing in strange directions.

Tomrat said...

Insert coin? Bloody more like fleece your grandchildren for pennies.

Quiet man,

Am certain they are laughing themselves silly at the inherent contradiction.


I'd get that checked. ;-)

The font of all modern wisdom and sagely advice, Snoop Dog, was once attributed as saying if videogames like those today had been around when he was a kid gang violence would have been a digital rather than visceral affair on his streets; can you imagine gang colours being proudly bourne on the armour of the Masterchief in multiplayer Halo 3? Disputes settled on World at War?

As for causing violence this isn't as clear cut; I'd accept maybe it gives the violent-minded and distrurbed the grist they need but then there would be plenty of indicators as to why they should be secured and treated.

Anonymous said...

"then there would be plenty of indicators as to why they should be secured and treated."

LOL!!! Call yourself a libertarian? god forbid you show any of these "indicators" and are removed from the streets before you comit violence!

Anonymous said...

BTW gang violence is way more "visceral" today than it was in snoop dogg's day, so snoop dogg can day dream about taking the turf wars online, and you can believe him if it floats your boat, but it is rubbish.

Tomrat said...


Ooh, saucer of milk for that lad.

It is a rarity indeed that the mentally distrurbed don't appear on any state agencies register, even in any minimalist hypothetical libertarian state; is it too much to think we couldn't socialise some costs like pyschotherapy for that rare individual with problems of this nature?

As for Snoop, I'm certain his "day" hasn't quite gone now, I was talking about his childhood, not his cred.