The Sky is Blue

Excerpts of a blog post's comment roll that may or may not have occurred in my head:

Trotsky needs his head examining wrote:

"What a ridiculous arguement!!! Of course the sky is blue! Looked outside this morning - definately blue!"

K Boatang wrote:

TNHHE or whatever you call yourself,

Fuck you. Where do you get off coming onto my blog telling me something is so clear cut.

My point was that variances in the upper atmosphere's chemical makeup, plus a hundred other factors such as incidence of the sun to our atmosphere all play a part and can vary from place to place meaning the sky colour can change even over time and season. Oh, but if you ask me and my giant brain the sky is clearly a light greeny blue."

JustSomeNewGuy wrote,

"Hang on Mr Boatang I though you said there was opportunity for variation so a definite answer is impossible? And what does it matter anyway what colour the sky is?"

K Boatang wrote,


You can take a full reund and fuck off also matey; I don't want to get into specifics at the moment but I have made my opinion on sky colour clear to the aforementioned unmentionable political party (hint: LPUK, the bastards) and don't have to take this sort of questioning because I'm way more important than you. so neugh."

Old Holborn wrote,

"A thought experiment: what colour is the sky? Blue, what colour is the star of David? Blue - what does this tell us? FILFEE JOOS ARE CONDUCTING A PROPOGANDA EXERCISE BY ALTERING SKY COLOUR!!! there 5th dimensional lizard people don'tcha know."

JustSomeNewGuy wrote,

"KB You just is a second ago!


Wait, what?"

Obnoxio the Clown wrote,

"This post is so rich it's fattening luvvies. (mutters some Saxon profanities then leaves)"

Bella Gerens wrote,

"Echoing JustSomeNewGuy and putting in a defence of LPUK his second point is really the only valid one here; what does it matter what colour the sky is? The only thing really important is that it stops air leaving the earth so we don't die. Simples.

As for LPUK we allow forums to debate such things as sky colour; most of the time this isn't really a problem as the forum users tend to discussing important, life altering things they can change, not chunter inanely about conspiracy theories or things they can't."

Old Holborn wrote,


Don't believe me? Check out this YouTube, source of all credible evidence on everything, video, clearly demonstrating Joos stealing my shreddies."

J Demetriou wrote,


You can fuck of as well; I have first. hand. experience. of how LPUK treats divergent view points. And as you will clearly be able to see in a forthcoming post I will demonstrate how sky colour is responsible for all life on earth, why it means you are wrong and why myself and the mighty KB are right and why LPUK smells faintly of kippers. If you can't wait till then I will forward the slides and PowerPoint presentation I did on the subject to you."

FabledCityofArkansas wrote,

"boy I wos a reeder of yoo lot but now ill stick with surfing for porn thanks. Boring an no boobs or anything heer."

Old Holborn wrote,

"JOOS! Grrr."

Devils Kitchen wrote,

What are you cretins going on about? Honestly surely there are better conversations and debates to be having? LPUK policy is a reflection on how we get from the shit tip we are in now to the place we want to be in a freer more just United Kingdom. After an initial policy formulation we put it to forum and they tweekes and changed as was necessary to get a more amicable libertarian solution to the problems we face, and how beat to implement them as we move forward."

J Demetriou wrote,


Don't try to tell me what I know?Everyone knows you are constructing an army of drones to sing the party lines of illiberal rubbish! I have the slides to prove it!!"

Devils Kitchen wrote,

"Wait, say what now?"

Obnoxio the Clown wrote,

"Ooh handbags at dawn c**ts."

Old Holborn wrote,

"A Joo once poo'd in my wife's handbag. True story."

Devils Kitchen wrote,

"So you guys know about my clone army do you? Too bad your not in time to stop me BWA HA HA HA HA HRGH! oh wait you are? Crap - DAMN THE INTERNET AND THE EROSION OF THE INNER MONOLOGUE IT ENCOURAGES!"
(and it goes on like this for a very long time - Ed)


Oleuanna said...

aaaahhhhh god that was funny. And to be honest you should have been meaner.

I just read the kerfuffle and am disgusted that we allow the dick to get to us...but he does it for a reason and it works brilliantly so far in his favour.....I find him pointless self serving and laughable.

But I loved this....Hardy HA HA!!

John Demetriou said...


Tomrat said...

I'm with the clown on this; the more we pay attention to his more swivel eyed rants the more people will pay attention to him.

As a member of a messianic fellowship I have nothing but love for the Jewish people; that said, I do find a few of the actions of it's govt. reprehensible just as I find actions of our own deplorable.

I'm very much with Ron Paul on this; America is very much playing empire across the entire dirt mound when it shouldn't be and it should leave Israel and Palestine alone; no aid, no weapons, no interfering- clean up your own house before commenting on the dirt in another.


Also would you and KB cool it? Tis embarassing what the tinterweb does to people.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Love it... bit of light relief, just what's needed. Please, can't we all just get along?