Today is apparently a very important day for the swivel eyed left; Tawny Boil is today giving evidence about his involvement in the Iraq war, obviously the hope being he will crack, say it was Bush's charm, tact and word-craft that convinced him to kill a few hundred thousand Iraqis.

Whilst, as a libertarian trying to espouse the non-aggression axiom, I believe the Iraq war was a particularly cynical means of securing it's numerous resources, as well as removing yet another ex-CIA liability (which I am with Ron Paul in it's disestablishment); but I can't help but agree with the Tebbmeister - that the war itself was not illegal by any standards I hope anyone who believes in freedom of the individual.

I'll explain; most of the arguements for "illegality" come from interpretations of international law, laid down by that great bastion of justice and fairness, the United Nations; as I see it laws which we elect our members of parliament to advocate and implement or cry down are subverted by what are effectively an elite bunch of beuraucrats with no accountability to those paying the bills, us.

Like the EU federated law structures trend towards authoritarian diktat; can anyone honestly say it is right for one country to have a democratic say in anothers, when, say in places like China, they have no democratic accountability to their own citizens? Likewise, only milder, how rich is it for the Belgiums to lecture us on governance considering their own national structures are in tatters?

No. The failing lies elsewhere for this; it lies at our doors for not spending more time scrutinising those we elect to stand for our interests; over half of us in the last several elections failed to even vote either way, effectively voting Labour in on a "landslide" majority representing less than 25% of the population by their non-vote.

Worst of all we have failed to recognise that their are a core of rights that not even politicians should touch, but in our attempts at leading simpler, fraughtless lives we abrogated our responsibilty to them for these core rights, and to each other in helping everyone become more self-determined; when was the last time you really wanted to support a charity because of it's works rather than what it represented?

No. Blair will walk with head held high, the elite chatteratti will have more fodder and you will continue to vote/non-vote for the same big 3 who will ultimately destroy what remains of a world superpower.

But, if you want change, there is only really one place that change will come: you.

Parties like LPUK are only as small as the people who support them; if you want to become the authority in your own life the donate; sponsor a candidate*, tell your friends, donate! Vote in your local LPUK candidate!

Donate to LPUK link

What's that? Don't have a candidate standing for parliament or your local council elections? Better yet! Be that change in a very real way! Join and sign up as your local candidate.

Join LPUK link

Ultimately it is incumbent on all of us to be the change we want, to be greedy and hungry for it, or else we get someones elses we might not; Labour will fund itself through it's union/regneration money rinse, the Borys will groom their party for greatness with money from their little-lord-fontleroy doners, the lib dems will rinse their student social democratic advocates for their rich parents money and rinse the taxpayers for money; we are against a lot of corrupt and unscrupulous individuals who thirst for power over you.

But if you believe in voluntary actions and interactions with others without a third party getting in the way, start here.

*= last year I signed up as a PPC for my home district, Leeds West. I had an ok paying job and was willing to sacrifice a fair amount to stand for what I believe in.

Now that I've lost my job post crunch, post baby and post spare cash I have nothing left to sacrifice; i'm in begging bowl territory here but my point stands- if you won't or can't stand send someone who will. You want me to stand locally then give money to LPUK with that precondition. I may be hideously unsuccessful but I may not be - don't you think it's time the voiceless who care nothing for others dictation of their lives had a voice?

At least forward this to all you know and spread the word; time is by far the most valuable commodity you own; I'm asking for a little of it and appreciate all already given.

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