Equality, Diversity & Democracy

Full of cold, hopped up on cough drops and painkillers and arriving at work to find your pc is kaput is not the best way to read this on your twerp-deck in the morning.

Seriously, my apologies for the Anglo-Saxon, but this is starting to become fucked up beyond belief now. Discrimination laws, racial, sexual or otherwise, were introduced in this country by Labour governments. We now have a Labour minister for "equality" who is more than happy to discriminate against groups to create "diversity".

Labour appear to have screwed up again - not in their intent here you understand; I'm certain Harriet Hormone is actively trying to undermine democracy by collecting minorities and people lacking a Y chromosome and that is here full intention, no - I believed they have screwed up the operative in her title: it shouldn't be Minister for Equality, it should be Minister against Equality.

A question to all the knuckle dragging, swivel eyed leftist buffoons out there - why is it not ok for a predominately Asian/black/lady populace to select a white guy to represent them in parliament?

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