Health & Safety Returning from Madness

Following yesterday insanities involving my bro's fun and games I have heard yet another fun anecdote for you all, this time from my friend Mr P.

His boss, my pastor, despite being the owner of their successful business still delivers some stock.

Recently he was delivering some of his product to a school, the fancy kind with a colour arch with a welcome sign, when he misjudged the size of the truck and knocked the plastic arch off, shattering it.

The school are trying to claim their entire teaching wage for the day, having had to send their pupils home as a result of plastic splinters being strewn across the entrance. You know, for health and safety reasons.

Glad to see people taking the madness of H&S laws, turning them on their head, and then gouging business for all their worth.

There are time when I really wish I was making this stuff up.


joeschmoe said...

do you make these stories up as you go along? which school was it? what day?

Tomrat said...

I'm not making it up. Really wish I was though. Don't care if you don't believe me I'm not trying to evidence this just reporting what I hear; if I have a deeper point to make on a view I'll back that up; for now you'll have to settle for anecdotes.