Preparing For The Right Eventuality

Via EU Referendum comes this piece from some jobsworth at the department of transport about why they've not prepared for the possibility of economy stopping snow such as this, pointing out no doubt the millions spent on the Knutian belief that we can revert the sipher of global warming by turning our lights off and not filling our kettle to the top; I nominate this idiot to not breath as often by packing himself in a vaccuum chamber.

To any civil engineers who may randomly read this blog - how much would it cost to encase every main road in a perspex canopy? Sound insane? We built thousands of miles of railway lines in the early Victorian era and maintain them to this day; why not prevent snow from reaching major road surfaces?

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Furor Teutonicus said...

They have not prepared for winter, because to do so would prove they were lying out of their arses re "global warming".

Why prepare for something they are telling us will never happen again because we are drowning those bastard polar bears?