My Irony Detector Must Be Malfunctioning...

Because it should have peaked at 20Megapisstakes/second at this (h/t to Old Holborn)

Mrs Tollefsen, told The Sun: “Every woman has a right to be a mother.” No, they don’t. Having a child, becoming a parent is a privilege, not a right.

This coming from a labour MP. Priceless.

For years they have infantilised a population of pram-faced, unwashed teenage mums to escape the drudgery of working class life for...underclass existence. They live in an impoverished existence which still costs the earth to run considering the plethora of benefits and schemes in place to "help".

But of course Mr Harris is being a bit flippant with the language here; the lady appears to have paid for this out of her own pocket and of her own back - no, Mr Harris believes this to be a privelege handed down from a group of wise plebs, rather than it being a matter of personal sacrifice.

Mr Harris should think twice before deciding which vaginas he chooses to subsidise and which he chooses to restrict; we might have fewer of the problems we do have in this country.

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